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Dr. Peter J. Shield PhD

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A lifetime of Archaeological research
It was in Malta, where I had spent 5 wonderful years at the end of my military career working with the archaeological Dept. of Cambridge University on the excavation of Malta's remarkable Catacombs with Dr. David Trump and the wonderful Fr. Victor Camilleri who remained a dear friend for 50 odd years until his untimely demise on December 15,2011.
During those 5 years I was privileged to photograph and record all the archaeological sites on the islands of Malta and Gozo, including the amazing G’gantija (3,600 – 3,000 B.C.), the earliest freestanding stone monument built by man. It pre dates the pyramids of Egypt and are older than England’s Stonehenge. I have spent considerable time at Stonehenge in the 50’s and again in 1988.  My work for the then Maltese Government Information Department from 1955 – 1960 also included recording all the treasures left by the Knights and displayed in the museums and Churches on the Islands. During my two-year return visit to the Island to write my most recent book  “Malta – Mediterranean Jewel”, I was privileged to design a photo marketing program for introduction at all Malta’s most frequently visited Archaeological sites. I filmed a pilot program at “Ghar Dalam” the cave of Darkness, for my World of Unexplained Mysteries (Malta) television series. My work on the remarkable “Shroud of Turin” Mystery resulted in the re mastering of my interviews with the Sturp group, researching the results of their investigative study conducted in 80's into the source of the image on this amazing artifact. In my 70 odd years I have had the opportunity to work and visit archaeological sites in China, Cyprus, Australia, Central and South America, Ireland, Great Briton, Spain, Japan, Taiwan, and Cambodia, to name but a few.
During the 80’s, an Exhibition of my replica artifacts from the Louve Museum toured Australia and was also used as the basis of my presentation of the Howard Carter Story to Australian High School Students.

I have had the privilege to work alongside the amazing Dr. Lonnie Hammargren, ex-Lt. Governor of Nevada

Dr. Peter J. Shield -

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Dr. Shield returned  to the USA in 2018 at the request of the Smithsonian Institute's Atomic Testing Museum, in Las Vegas Nevada to present his lecture on Space Travel and the possibility of alien intervention at archaeological sites!


Smithsonian Institution

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